Letters & Reports

These are my periodic letters and special reports for clients and the interested. My general theme are to identify risks and search for opportunities in the biggest trends.

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Embrace Change And Volatility

I am publishing pieces to help investors adapt in an era of rapid change. There are six major secular trends impacting the global economy and markets:

  • aging demographics
  • climate change
  • massive global debt
  • central bank intervention
  • technological advancement
  • geopolitical challenges

By embracing change, we can make volatility our ally. Sustainable investing strategies can be the anchor that builds and protects your financial freedom.

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Freedom To Fold And Wait For A Better Hand

Over the past few years I have been playing in the World Series of Poker professional circuit. I’ve played poker since I was a teenager. People have been saying I’ve been lucky for 35 years. It’s not luck. One of the key lessons I have learned is that sometimes, the […]

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Investing In The 2nd Half Of 2020

The following report covers where we are in the economy and markets. It has become clear to me that another correction is coming of some significance. The problem we face is whether the combination of Fed money and a potential medical miracle can stave off the worse case scenarios. I […]

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Coronavirus And Asset Allocation Update

The Coronavirus Covid-19 is a human tragedy that is likely to hit the United States imminently. All of our hearts bleed for those affected and we wish for the best possible health outcomes. If you are up to date in reading my 2020 Outlook & Game Plan: Navigating Overvalued Markets […]

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4th Quarter Outlook And Game Plan

This piece is normally reserved for clients and people registered with BluemoundAM.com. I am making it available due to the urgency that I believe it represents. The stock markets are in increasing danger. Here is a link to my weekly webinar that is available on YouTube on a short delay: […]

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