Letters & Reports

These are my periodic letters and special reports for clients and the interested. My general theme are to identify risks and search for opportunities in the biggest trends.

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Embrace Change And Volatility

I am publishing pieces to help investors adapt in an era of rapid change. There are six major secular trends impacting the global economy and markets:

  • aging demographics
  • climate change
  • massive global debt
  • central bank intervention
  • technological advancement
  • geopolitical challenges

By embracing change, we can make volatility our ally. Sustainable investing strategies can be the anchor that builds and protects your financial freedom.

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Q3 2010: Demographic Depression

October 2010 — I have updated the charts as of August 2014 due to heavy interest to this page. I have not changed any prose, so right or wrong, this is where I was in October 2010. I am still of the belief that demographics will be challenging most of […]

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2010 A New Decade of Crossing Mountains

A New Decade: Crossing Mountains

Tis the season for predictions, and as many people suppose I am in the business of predictions, I will make an attempt to put a few out there.  I will break our discussion into three parts, higher probability likelihoods, potential surprises and some thoughts about how to deal with both categories. Of course, I am not really in the business of predictions, I am in the business of preparing for likelihoods and surprises.

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