A Brief Description of Bluemound Asset Management and working with me...

Bluemound Asset Management, LLC is a fee-only registered investment advisor working in your best interests. The firm is bound, by choice, to the fiduciary standard of care which is an obligation that most advisors do not make.

I have developed Bluemound to be both a boutique firm for those seeking institutional quality investment and family wealth management, as well as, a firm that welcomes middle class investors seeking a better experience. I believe that a combination of insightful investing, professional service and low costs are the key to financial success. I am able to offer Bluemound's vast array of services by maintaining low overhead and tapping the many national relationships I have developed since becoming recognized in the national and international media.

Boutique Wealth Management Services

For families with net worth in excess of $1 million, I offer a vast array of services both in house and through relationships with some of the best professionals in the investment, financial planning, tax and legal professions. Bluemound brings "family office" style services, normally only available to those with eight or nine figure net worth, to families with seven figure net worth.

Bluemound's role in the wealth management process is dependent on each family's circumstances. I can act as the lead advisor or "quarterback" for a family's financial management or an ancillary piece to the financial puzzle.

As a lead advisor, I will help the family develop a strategy for achieving their goals and have a hands on approach to helping select the other important professionals necessary to complete financial and estate plans. In these cases, I will usually also act as one of the family's investment managers, while matching other top managers to the client's goals. In other cases, I will act as a consultant and/or investment manager for a portion of a family's assets as I am happy to work with or in addition to your other trusted financial services providers.

I am limiting myself to working comprehensively with 50 families. I am currently about halfway to my limit.

Broad Based Investment Management

If you have not yet reached $1 million of net worth, I offer a streamlined service that offers guidance on financial planning and access to my investment management services. If you read my biography, you will see I am from a working family in the midwest. I believe that the success of smaller investors is vital to maintaining a healthy America, therefore I will never turn my nose up at anybody seeking a better investment experience and greater financial freedom.  

I have designed The Retirement Fund Advisor, which is a managed ETF (exchange traded fund) program, for people looking for effective, diversified, low cost investment management. This is a cyber-advisory program that is useful to a wide range of people, including Millennials looking for a solid start, people with 401(k) plans to rollover to an IRA, folks on the front edge of retirement and those well into retirement. Cyber-advisory means that we work primarily by telephone and internet meetings (although if you are local or on my travel routes, we can definitely meet in person for our initial mutual interview).

In a financial world ranging from over-priced under effective financial planners to robo-advisors and other canned services, Bluemound uses technology, judgement and experience to offer effective, low cost, human services that can help you reach your goals. I am committed to helping you succeed over the long-term. 

Clients Outside of Wisconsin

Because of technology, working with people from outside of Wisconsin is very easy to do now. In fact, about 3/4 of my new clients are from around the country. By offering cyber-advisory services, I have been able to help people across America.

Being a cyber-advisory client does not mean that we will never meet in person. If you would like to be able to meet with me I do travel extensively by car (SUV actually). I spend time most years in Chicago, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Dallas, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, South Dakota and on the east coast. If you are east of the Rocky Mountains, then am probably driving nearby at least once during the year as I do most of that travel by car so I can see the country from the ground up. I'm happy to schedule a visit when I'm traveling.

To discuss working with me and Bluemound, please fill out my Contact form and use my Online Scheduler to speak with me directly.


Kirk Spano

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