My SPECIAL REPORTS have outlined and foretold of developing investment trends very early on. 
Hello, My name is Kirk Spano.
My reports and research has forecast and explained...

  • The American Energy Boom (2011) - How American shale oil & gas will disrupt global energy.
  • The Slow Growth Forever Global Economy (2013) - Why aging demographics and global debt will be headwinds to economic growth for decades.
  • The Last Great Chance To Buy Oil & Gas Stocks (2015) - How surviving oil and gas companies will embark on a decade or more of profits.

In 2019-20, my team and I, will be releasing several free reports. You will need these reports to survive and thrive in the massive changes coming over the next decade.

In our 2019 reports, we will cover...

...the true impact of climate change on economics and investing,

...the emerging "smart everything world,"

...the middle innings of the "end of the oil age," Millennials can catch-up and jump ahead with three simple strategies and one hard one, to be a successful retirement and estate investor in a volatile world.

My analysis earned me the distinction of being named the "Next Great Investing Columnist" by MarketWatch of the Wall Street Journal Network in 2011.

Since then, I have been cited, syndicated and interviewed by dozens of financial and media outlets.

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