Bluemound Asset Management, LLC is a fiduciary acting in your best interest as a rule. We have become a sustainable investing firm because the world is changing in profound ways. We are forward looking and recognize environmental, social and governance (ESG Investing) themes when investing. Our core belief is that sustainable investing trends will dominate the next few decades and thus it is in your best interest to adapt your portfolio to that reality .

Industries with questionable economics are at risk of major disruption from technology, government and social trends. Companies that do not adapt and grow as artificial intelligence, 5G communications, alternative energy, autonomous vehicles and other 21st Century realities become ubiquitous, may not survive. We are already seeing the impact of the fossil fuel divestiture movement that is crushing oil, gas and coal stocks.

Navigating the changing world is a daunting task. To help guide your journey, Bluemound has subscribed to or entered into partnerships with dozens of thought leaders and top analysts. Through these relationships and resources, Mr. Spano, who has been widely published on numerous economic and investment topics himself, seeks to help you grow and protect your financial freedom.

Bluemound Asset Management, LLC offers the following services:

Investment Management

Portfolio Consulting

Alternative Investments

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