I offer financial consulting services that cover a variety of needs for protecting and building your financial freedom. Some of these topics are complex. My promise to you is to make things as simple and transparent as possible, while keeping my fees very reasonable. Here is a short menu of what I am best able to help you with.

Portfolio Review and Investment Plans

This is a very popular service designed for self-directed investors or those working with another financial advisor or advisors.

This service provides a comprehensive portfolio review, including research into specific investments. This tool is best used for risk management and to locate inefficiencies in your portfolio.

Over a series of interviews I will develop and investment plan with you called an “investment policy statement.” This plan will serve as an outline for helping you manage your portfolio.

Importantly, we will match your goals with your investment strategy and I will include a comprehensive risk analysis of your current portfolio. This is monumentally important because you might be too comfortable with some of your holdings and your risk might be higher than you want. I specifically try to help keep emotions from impacting your investment portfolio.

This service begins at $1600 and includes the IPS, investment research and 4 hours of telephone/online meetings. Portfolios with over 30 holdings will be incur additional hourly charges.

People who use this service often subscribe to my investment letter found at: https://FundamentalTrends.com. Fundamental Trends offers research, investment ideas, asset allocation approaches and trading strategies for self-directed do-it-yourself investors. The investment letter is a stand alone service not related to Bluemound Asset Management, LLC.

Investment Coaching and Consulting

Implementing an investment plan can be tricky. Often people feel as if they should rush into making changes and rebuilding a portfolio to be fully invested. Usually that is not the case.

In most cases, selling assets and buying new assets will happen over time and in “lumps.” It is not unusual to sell several assets right away, wait for prices or the new year to sell other assets, and to wait for prices to come to us to buy our preferred assets.

My consulting service, offered on retainer, is designed to help you make the trades and investments you need to make over time in order to build a great long-term portfolio. This is a real-time, on demand, as needed service, which I offer to about 25 people per year who have done a portfolio review and investment plan with me as well.

My hourly rate is $200 per hour, however, by purchasing blocks of 8 hours, I offer a 50% discount. So, each block of 8 hours costs only $800 per year. Most people will only need 8 hours per year, however, during the first year, might need a second block, which can be agreed to when the initial block of hours is used, i.e. add as needed.

Financial Consulting

  • Personal & Family Financial Planning
  • Wealth Management and Estate Planning
  • Employer Sponsored Retirement Plan Consulting, i.e. 401(k), SEP and SIMPLE
  • Small Business Exits and Successions

To talk to me about any of these topics, please contact me and then set-up a free initial call.

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