I offer investment consulting services that cover a variety of needs for protecting and building your financial freedom. Some of these topics are complex. My promise to you is to make things as simple and transparent as possible. I also keep my fees very reasonable.

My services are generally reserved for investment clients and investment letter subscribers from my publishing company. Here is a short menu of what I am best able to help you with.

Interactive Financial Planning

All clients of Bluemound have access to a sophisticated financial software called MoneyGuide that I use to collaborate with you on financial planning.

  • If you are an investment advisory client, there is a one time $400 set-up fee that includes annual reviews and "life change" reviews for as long as you are a client.
  • Financial planning that is more involved, such as option exercise strategies at work or estate planning are an additional fee at the normal $200/hour rate.
  • For financial planning topics I am not an expert in, for example tax planning or trusts, I have access to a wide range of experts that I can share with you. For those types of planning I will act as your liaison.

Contact me to set-up an initial time to discuss your situation and needs.

Personal Investment Plan

A Personal Investment Plan (PIP) is designed to coordinate with your financial planning and lay out an investment path.

  • As low as $1600 paid in two $800 increments - half upon initiation and half upon completion of PIP.
  • Comes with access to MoneyGuide interactive financial planning system ($400/yr value).
  • Begins with a portfolio risk review to identify excess risk.
  • Culminates in an overall portfolio strategy that can be adjusted if your situation changes.
  • First 5 hours of consultations included. ($1000 value)
  • Additional 5 hour time blocks for $800 (20% discount).
  • Limited to 4 or 5 clients per month (book early).

Contact me to set-up an initial time to discuss your situation and needs.

Business Owner & Executive Retirement Strategy

As a small business owner myself, I understand the needs of other small business owners. I have also worked with numerous executives, using my option expertise to help with option exercise plans, as well as, retirement plan rollover strategies.

In either case, small business owner or executive, I will help you design a retirement plan that fits your personal needs, goals and circumstances. I coordinate with other specialists as needed.

  • Free initial consultation and interview.
  • As low as $3200 paid incrementally based on pre-determined benchmarks.
  • Includes financial planning and personal investment plan.
  • Option exercise strategies.
  • Retirement plan rollovers.
  • Business exit strategy.
  • Retirement income strategies.
  • Limited to 1 or 2 clients per month (book early).

Contact me to set-up an initial time to discuss your situation and needs.