I offer investment consulting services that cover a variety of needs for protecting and building your financial freedom. Some of these topics are complex. My promise to you is to make things as simple and transparent as possible. I also keep my fees very reasonable.

Here is a short menu of what I am best able to help you with.

  • Portfolio Risk Review (most popular) - analysis of current and hidden risks of your portfolio. Includes initial interview and final review. Flat $400.
  • Personalized Investment Plan (very popular) - continuation of portfolio risk review that builds a plan of action for you to achieve your goals. Includes semi-annual and annual follow-up. Minimum $800.
  • Investment Coaching Program - personal investment coaching for self-directed investors, billed at an hourly rate of $200 per hour when purchasing blocks of eight hours for the year. Limited to 24 people per year and if popularity demands, will be converted to an online classroom approach.
  • 401(k) Consulting - design of 401(k) or other retirement plans for small and medium sized businesses with low cost, risk-managed, turn-key solutions.
  • Business Owner Retirement Strategies - as a small business owner myself, I understand the needs of other small business owners. I will help you design a retirement plan that fits your personal needs, business circumstances and your eventual exit strategy.

Subscribers to my investment letter receive investment consulting services for half price.

15-month Investment Consulting Bundle

This very popular service is designed to take people from start to finish on implementing an investment plan. It includes full service over a 15-month time horizon.

  • Portfolio risk review, including plans at work.
  • Abbreviated financial plan and/or retirement income plan.
  • Investment portfolio statement with long-term investment plan, with initial investment recommendations.
  • Review call upon delivery of AFP & IPS
  • Investment coaching calls to go over investment plan implementation in Q1.
  • Quarterly review & investment coaching calls through 5th quarter.
  • 2 hours of as needed follow up calls.

This service is normally $3200. Depending on size of portfolio and complexity of your needs it can be more with additional hourly billing.

Subscribers to my investment letters receive a 50% discount to $1600.

Billing occurs in two pieces, an initial $800 down payment and upon delivery of the AFP & IPS. Additional consulting and coaching hours are billed at $200 in $800 increments as needed and as agreed upon ahead of time.

To talk to me about any of these services, please contact me and then set-up a free initial call.