The vast majority of financial planners do not actually manage money, rather, they invest your money using mutual funds or an exchange traded funds (ETFs) strategy that is managed by somebody else. In either of those cases, you are paying both the financial planner and the actual investment managers for the same job. Two layers of fees.

I manage money myself which dramatically reduces your fees. By cutting out the middleman on your portfolio management, your fees are generally reduced by 3367% versus traditional arrangements. This is a huge benefit for the ultimate potential performance of your investment portfolio.

With my access to dozens of research teams and services, as well as, my independent research, you are getting multiple levels of expertise when I work for you. My experience of 20+ years and connections through the media, I consider to be distinct advantages. You can track that my approach has been successful in the media.

Hiring me is easy. Simply contact me and schedule an introductory call to talk about your needs and goals. 

Risk Managed Investing

My approach is designed to manage risk first, as well as, recognize that there is vast opportunity in a changing world. While many opportunities are simply cyclical repeats of the past, many opportunities are found within the evolution of the global economy. In those cases, as Wayne Gretzky said, I try to “skate to where the puck is going, not where it has been.”

I employ a unique investment approach I call the “Core 4 Investing Method.” This process focuses on four distinct factors that can impact your investments. It seeks to:

  • Identify the biggest trends in the economy
  • Analyze government and central bank impacts
  • Dig into company and sector fundamentals
  • Respect the price trends of the markets

The Core 4 is used to build an asset allocation that is a modified version of what is found in Benjamin Graham’s seminal book “The Intelligent Investor.” Graham of course, was Warren Buffett’s professor and early mentor who professed that:

Confronted with a challenge to distill the secret of sound investment into three words, we venture the motto, MARGIN OF SAFETY.”

Ultimately, everything I do revolves around the concept of building a “margin of safety” into your investments. That does not mean that stock market, or even bond market, investing is safe. At anytime, the price of any asset can drop precipitously. To be a successful investor, you must be able to patiently withstand those storms of volatility and opportunistically take advantage. Said Warren Buffett:

The true investor welcomes volatility…”

Look at market fluctuations as your friend rather than your enemy; profit from folly rather than participate in it.”

I offer multiple investment programs designed to meet a variety of your needs and goals. I can manage your entire portfolio or a portion. To learn about my approach and general thoughts, please read my quarterly letters, recent articles in the media linked on the front page and my investment philosophy.

I also offer portfolio consulting and independent research for those who manage their own wealth. For free reports on the Core 4 Investing Method and Intelligent Asset Allocation Made Simple, go to my reports section.

Contact me to receive strategy quicksheets and to schedule an introductory call to talk about your needs and goals.


*I do have a minimum account size requirement of $250,000 for most investment programs, however, I do also offer an investment letter for DIY investors, as well as, a flat fee mutual fund program which is designed to be a low cost way for small investors to get professional money management. 

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