MarketWatch, of the Wall Street Journal network, named me "The World's Next Great Investing Columnist" in 2011. While writing for them, I predicted the oil shale boom, made the case why the dollar would rally when most others thought it would collapse, called the oil bust, anticipated the decline of the Euro, forecast several key economic events and discussed dozens of stocks. I wrote for MarketWatch regularly for six years before expanding my publishing reach to several other sites. I continue to write for MarketWatch on occasions. Feel free to browse my MarketWatch archives here.

 In recent years I have been widely published and syndicated by the financial press. My core outlet for economic and investment thoughts is at Seeking Alpha currently. Seeking Alpha is a crowd sourced investment, financial and economics research platform. There are hundreds of investment analysts, money managers and industry experts that publish on Seeking Alpha in addition to myself.

In the past few years, I have become one of the most popular analyst authors at Seeking Alpha. Please follow along as I discuss various economic, investment and other interesting topics.

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