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Using REITs In Your Portfolio

REITs are favorites among dividend investors. But there is a fallacy that real estate as an asset class outperforms stocks in general. That is not true. Over the past 5 years, inclusive of dividends, these are the returns for the Invesco QQQ ETF (QQQ) representing the Nasdaq 100, the SPDR […]

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AT&T SWOT Report

Overview AT&T Inc (T) is a communications and entertainment company with legacy elements that date to the 1876 invention of the telephone. The present company was formed in 2006 when SBC Communications bought its former parent and took the iconic AT&T name and ticker symbol (T). AT&T, headquartered in Dallas, […]

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Bluemound Investment Strategies

Asset allocation is at the heart of successful risk management and investing. If you avoid the worst parts of the economy, research demonstrates that you can materially reduce risk and improve performance. Bluemound Asset Management, LLC offers five core investment strategies. Each asset allocation is designed for different types of […]

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